November 1, 2014

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The Roving Reporter In Nanton, Alberta

Nanton is not only widely known for it’s antique shops, but it is also home to some of the most lovely old buildings in the province.

If you have never been to Nanton, it is more than worth the trip.

Whatzit? Answer
Whatzit guy Bixman (Munster) of the city thinks he might be able to stump our readers with this Halloween like item. Did you know what this is? It’s a close up of the head of an Ant Lion larvae. Gruesome little critter, eh? Found in very warm and sandy soils worldwide. Sometimes called doodlebugs because of the wandering trails left in the sand as they search for a place to build their trap.

Find out more about that here - Bixman / St Albert

Discussion Forum
Exchange Of The Day

SUBJECT: Live Chat

* Notice that the "supporters" are those that either want to dip their hands into taxpayers' wallets or are already dipping their hands into those wallets. Talk to real people to get the real picture of what they think of the double dipper's circus.

* Re: the St. Anne's realignment - between that and proposed paid parking and a possible paid parkade - it's a sure way of killing dt businesses.

* What a bunch of bull on Nolan"s blog. And what is even worse is that some people believe the load of crud. Thanks for the look of the plans for downtown Don, what a waste of money and we will ruin what we know of downtown St. Albert for sure. I can't even begin to express the stupidity in these plans.

* What does it tell you when Crouse has to keep up the explanations for his double billings and whatever else he has done? Is he trying to justify because he knows he is GUILTY? Maybe he should keep his mouth shut. The more he yaps and goes overboard justifying his actions, the more guilty he appears.

* Wait. What the hell???? This guy is a MAYOR?
"Also, I don’t own an ATM Card, or a Debit Card and my personal expense procedures have been scribbled “notes to self” as I remember to do so. I rely on my calendar to recall what I did or where I was."
Sorry to go "negative" but this is a head scratcher.

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crouse crimestoppers


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Mama Bear Rescues Cub

Watch this mother bear figure out how to rescue her cub.


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Condom Use On An Aircraft

Condom Use
A man and a woman are seated next to each other on a flight. They start eyeing each other, and both realize they want to do the same thing.

He slips a condom out of his pocket, and she looks delighted.

Rear toilet? He suggests. Five minutes, she agrees and goes off.

He waits five minutes, then goes and slips in there with her. “Right, get that condom on” she says.

Soon, they are both sighing with pleasure.

But a sharp eyed stewardess has noticed them, and realized what they are up to.

So, she humiliates them by making an announcement over the PA system. "To the lady and gentleman in the rear toilet, we know what you are doing, and it is expressly forbidden by airline regulations.

Now, please put those cigarettes out and take the condom off the smoke detector."

And what were you thinking?




A roundup of bits from the web.

* This Dog And Baby Play Together In The Most Adorable Way.

* Prehistoric swamp creature had lips just like Mick Jagger.

* Rare megamouth shark found in waters off Japan.


Wonderfun Hockey Registration November 10

Hi Don,
I am hoping you can help me out. Can you please put a “reminder” on your website that Wonderfun Hockey registration night is Monday November 10
th? Thank you for having our link on your website – we really appreciate it!
Thanks again for your help,
Your neighbour,

Sharon Magnuson
St. Albert

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1961 Buick

61buickIMG_0285 copy


When They're Not At Walmart


Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.52.47 PM

UFO Photos Published After 50 Year Cover-Up

UFO Photos
A secret cache of UFO photos, hidden away for 50 years, was published on Oct. 12 to YouTube with the video's author claiming the pictures have been held back from the public as part of a conspiracy to keep the truth about unidentified flying objects from the world.

The YouTube channel owner, going by the name of SecureTeam10, has gathered the five, high resolution photographs, showing a classic, flying saucer disc, into one video, apparently with the permission of the current owners, described only as the grandchildren of a USAF captain serving in New Mexico from 1961 to 1965.

Details on


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Sunrise, The Netherlands

Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Paris

Peaceful Pasture

A Mirror Lake


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