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* If you eat seafood, you are eating thousands of pieces of plastic.

* Australian of the Year 2017 is Alan Mackay-Sim: Scientist whose stem cell research is allowing paraplegics to WALK again wins national award



Winter has arrived. Frigid temperatures are here, and the children are nowhere to be seen on the abandoned snow-covered soccer field along Forest Drive. In St. Albert this only means one thing. Since no one is around there is a lot more room to park the photo enforcement trucks to enforce this abandoned playground zone with inadequate signs.

The two Ford trucks are out in full force this winter enforcing this dormant playground:
Photo Radar GreyFord1500X1100

  • Dark grey Ford XTR Lic # BNB 5662
Photo Radar White Ford1500
  • White Ford XTR Lic # BNB 5661

Their black GMC SUV and white Jeep are keeping busy in other locations in St. Albert.

Municipal Enforcement shamelessly continues to enforce these abandoned playground zones even though there is no shortage of legitimate locations in which to conduct photo enforcement. Contrary to certain opinion, Photo Enforcement is still an effective tool to curb speeding if used appropriately and fairly. Enforcing playgrounds in the winter is a clear example of inappropriate and unfair.

Jardine Security has been contracted to respond to sightings of Photo Radar vehicles in vacant playground zones this winter. Call Jardine for immediate response to monitor photo enforcement activity. Call
while the photo enforcement vehicles are still there.

Jardine Security