April 1, 2017

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Setting The Record Straight


An important detail omitted from a front page article entitled; “Municipal Inspection report expected in September.” and a related ‘Our View’ editorial; “Inspection results needed” in the March 15 edition of the St. Albert Gazette requires due attention. While it is true that a motion was put forth and carried on July 4, 2016 by Councillor Cathy Heron requesting an inspection by Municipal Affairs it was not the initial action in the matter.

In a previously published Letter to the Editor; “Not entirely their idea…” (Gazette; July 13, 2016) I emphasized the fact that numerous requests from individuals and groups of citizens calling for the intervention of the Minister of Municipal Affairs including a thoroughly documented submission by the St. Albert Citizens’ Coalition, were delivered to the provincial government much earlier, in 2015.

In the article referenced above, the supporting rationale for the motion in question was conveyed as follows: “She cited concerns about friction among council members and staff, council stepping too far into day-to-day administration issues and staff safety concerns.” While these points may initially have seemed to possess a certain degree of validity they have not withstood the test of time. It is my contention that the genuine issues are indeed based in reality and much more systemic in nature.

It is in the best interests of all St. Albert citizens that careful and thorough scrutiny on the part of Mr. George Cuff and his staff during the course of their municipal inspection, produce meaningful and lasting results.

Murray Lambert
St. Albert

Western Canada Fashion Week With Al Popil
western canada fashion week spring 2017 - cashew 1 - al popil
Hi Don, Some more snaps from the Western Canada Fashion Week held at Edmonton’s ATB Financial Arts Barns. Last night (Friday) it was International Collections and standing room only. The Western Canada Fashion Week ends tonight. First up it was Cashew from Vietnam, second was Nazila Couture of Edmonton/Phoenix/India and last it was Cherry Veric of the Philippines. The Edmonton show is now the second largest fashion show in Canada and will continue in September with the fall collections. Al.
western canada fashion week spring 2017 - Cherry Veric 1 - al popil
western canada fashion week spring 2017 - Cherry Veric 2 - al popil
western canada fashion week spring 2017 - Cherry Veric 3 - al popil


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Taking the birds out for a walk
Taking The Birds For A Walk.

Turkey Police Stops Rooster Fight!

Roosters fight and turkey stops it!


Every Saturday Afternoon 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
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Saturday Sessions April 1st Presents

This weeks Saturday Sessions show 666 presents guest -
Rott'n Dan Shinnan - As one of our areas most well known faces on festival and music room stages across Alberta, Canada,  and as far as Memphis, Dan is best known as the front man and harmonicist in funky blues groove band Boogie Patrol.

Dan has a natural knack as a high energy, electrifying entertainer with a stylistically recognizable voice and is considered amongst the best for his incredible harmonica and fronting skills. He has also received many invites from numerous other acts as a sideman and or frontman as well as much studio work.

Dan has worked diligently since the day I met him at the Blues on Whyte in the mid 2000's and his hard work has definitely payed off for himself and his band mates as they've gained high recognition from fans across Canada, numerous Blues societies, The Memphis Blues Challenge and The Maple Blues Awards just to name a few.

He also co-hosts a well established weekly open stage in Edmonton. I have featured Dan numerous times and we're always happy to have him back. -
Mark Ammar 780-217-9787.

Playing Tonight At LB's Pub
Mar 31:17 The Oddibles copy 2
Upcoming Performers At LB's Pub
Apr 6:17 Rockzilla copy 3 April 7:17 Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 2.36.00 AM copy
Apr 13:17 Darrell_Barr copy Apr 14:17 Cool Dads copy 4 Apr 20:21:17 Sweet Tequila1  copy 3 Apr 20:21:17 Sweet Tequila1  copy 3
Apr 27:17 Lynne Chwyl copy 3 Apr 28:17 Joe Cooker copy 3

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St. Albert Gazette

Wonderfun Hockey, St. Albert


A 45-year-old woman had a heart attack and was immediately transported to the hospital. While she was in surgery she had a supernatural, near-death experience. She met God and asked him: “Has my time come?”

“No,” he answered, “you have 43 years, 2 months and 8 more days to live.”

After she recovered, the woman decided to stay at the hospital and do some plastic surgery on her face, a liposuction, breast enlargement and abdominal fat removal. She also called a hair stylist to change her hairstyle and an orthodontist to perform a ‘teeth lifting.’ She figured, if she had so much time in front of her, she should live in the best way possible.

Not until she had recovered from her last surgery did she leave the hospital, wearing a new dress with matching heels. She went to cross the street and was run over by an ambulance.

While crossing the gates to heaven, she reached God. “You told me I had 43 more years! Why didn’t you save me from the ambulance?” she demanded.

And he answered: “I didn’t recognize you.”




A roundup of bits from the web.

* Siberian crater mystery: Are exploding gas pockets really to blame?

* As other countries catch on, bagged milk’s roots remain uniquely Canadian.


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1964 Chevrolet Custom C10

1964 Chevrolet Custom C10 1234

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News From The St. Albert Legion
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Can’t Sleep? Call This Hotline For Bizarre Sleep-Inducing Sounds

Can’t Sleep? Call This Hotline
For those who are wide awake and struggling to get to sleep, this hotline may be for you. Anything's worth trying, right?

Mattress company Casper kicked off its "Can't Sleep" campaign Monday with a bizarre hotline that offers sleep-deprived people some weird and surely unhelpful options to get back to sleep.

More on USA Today.

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Mount Moran, Grand Teton National Park

Killarney National Park, Ireland


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