February 9, 2017

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80 Salisbury Presentation
To St. Albert City Council

80 Salisbury
Mayor And Council:

It has been a while, but I feel compelled to present today in support of the previous speaker, Mr. Craig Skarupa, in addressing a wrong that has been inflicted upon not only him and his family, but also an uncertain number of St. Albert citizens living in proximity to 80 Salisbury Avenue.

The inherent ramifications are not only financial (ie. property values) but more importantly include physical harm, possibly being of life and death proportions. The pertinent details have been made known to all of you on council and in the administration, but to a very limited extent with the public, due in no small measure to actions and inactions, whether by design or default, on your part and those who came before you.

While no person can rightly lay blame individually or collectively on any of you for creating this fiasco, it is by virtue of your election to public office that you have inherited the problem, and are legally and morally bound to provide adequate redress in an effective and timely manner.

The neglectful sweeping under the rug and stonewalling of the past must come to an abrupt end. So too, does the increasingly frequent practice of secreting yourselves behind the curtains of in-camera sessions, despite what your in-house legal advisors might otherwise be telling you.

Being seasoned politicians, I need not remind you that 2017 is a municipal election year. Unless you do not plan to run for re-election or perhaps have even loftier political goals, in the coming months whatever you say, or do not say, do, or do not do, will be remembered and reflected at the ballot box.

Of late, there have been editorials and commentaries in the local press admonishing certain individuals on council for persistently wasting precious time on matters that are deemed to be petty. I will not at this time, argue such reasoning or lack of the same, other than to say that others among you seem to think nothing of devoting significant financial and human resources to matters such as a bee-keeping bylaw as evidenced by item 13.3 under council motions in today’s agenda.

I believe most reasonable beings would agree that the 80 Salisbury Avenue matter should at the very least, be regarded as being of equal importance.

As an individual citizen and elector, I am neither suggesting nor requesting, but rather demanding that you render the decisions necessary for ensuring that appropriate actions are immediately undertaken to finally bring an end to this travesty!

Murray Lambert
St. Albert

The forgoing presentation was made to city council February 6, 2017 in support of the Skarupa family and their campaign to reach some conclusion to the issue of possible contamination from a commercial business that operated at 80 Salisbury Avenue. You can watch the presentation on the video of that meeting on the city website. I watched the presentation live and you will note that Mr. Lambert pauses to make mention that, ‘he did not have the attention of all members of council,’ during his presentation. That comment was directed at the mayor, Lambert told SAP later, who apparently was absorbed with other tasks and not seemingly interested in the matter at hand. Odd indeed, given it concerns a property nearby the mayor’s own property on the same avenue. Mr. Skarupa’s presentation, mentioned in Lambert’s presentation above, can also be viewed on the city website near the beginning of that city council meeting or you can read the entire text of it here.

Below are two pictures of the building the city allowed to be built at 80 Salisbury Avenue. Does this look even remotely like a residential garage folks? Who at the time, was responsible for this monstrosity and failed to ask why such a huge garage was being contemplated? Why won't city council do the right thing and take immediate steps to clear up this matter once and for all?
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A Unique Fireworks Display

A video of a Fireworks Show in China and is a treat for the eyes with shapes never seen before. This Hunan Province town, is where fireworks were invented and the show has never been equaled in the West. The Chinese are not only the inventors of fireworks, it seems they are still the masters


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Eric Martin
- is an Edmonton guitarist / bassist / singer who has been around the block a few times. He has played in local bands since the early 70’s, including Andromeda, Falconchase, Patch, Classified, to name just a few. Eric has also been doing a solo act for the past 30 years. Also, several stints as a Jam host, through which he has met and befriended many of the fine music makers in Edmonton.

Currently, Eric occasionally does the solo show, plays with “M*A*R*S” (the Middle Aged Rock Stars), performs with “The Mad Dogs Review”, “Keep It Greasy” and “Harder”, and spends much time writing and recording.  Eric is admittedly, and proudly – ‘guitarded’.  It’s nice to be back in LB’s! Thanks, Mark! -
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