Is Costa Rica Really The World’s Happiest Place?

Is Costa Rica Really
THESE words come to you from the “happiest place on earth”.

In a stroke of good fortune, I am a new resident of a country that has edged out its 194 rivals to claim what could arguably be the most sought-after title the world over.

Further, this little haven of goodness and wellness has claimed this accolade three times in the past seven years.

Welcome to Costa Rica. Home to pristine rainforests and cloud forests, soaring volcanoes, world-class beach breaks, coffee that will appease the palate of the most discerning Sydney and Melbourne bean-hunter and those adorable two- and three-toed sloths.
So, back to that distinction of “happiest place on earth” for a moment. It’s quite a big claim and hefty shoes to fill. As a proud Australian I take it with a healthy dose of scepticism — what’s this tiny nation of 4.5 million souls got that the rest of the world hasn’t?

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