How Previous Owners Can Potentially Still Access Their Cars Long After They've Sold Them

How Previous Owners
As technology further integrates into the car industry, doing things from the car continues to get easier. You can have Volvo drop off packages, talk to Amazon’s Alexa and all sorts of things. But technology can also allow people to access cars long after they’ve sold them, which is enough to leave any buyer uncomfortable.

According to CNN, IBM researcher Charles Henderson says he sold a car several years ago and can still control it from his phone. Henderson can also see exactly where the car is, if he decides to check. Being a researcher, Henderson tested the situation on cars from four major manufacturers and found the same to be true.

The CNN story did not name Henderson’s former car nor the manufacturers he tested, but it’s still creepy to think about the various breaches in privacy we open ourselves up to by simply purchasing such connected devices.

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