January 12, 2017

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Letter To The Editor

About That Municipal Affairs Inspection


I have received permission and I am able to release a copy of the letter received from municipal affairs. You will note that it is referred to as a limited scope municipal inspection but later goes onto state that "The City of St. Albert inspection may include, but would not be limited to, a review and evaluation of:" a myriad of issues.

The letter also indicates how serious a matter this is by stating "An inspection is an extraordinary measure and is not undertaken lightly." As a result I don't think the phrase "limited scope inspection" is relevant as I believe that most inspections derived from section 571 of the Municipal Government act are "limited scope" inspections and as previously quoted, the letter we received states that "the inspection would not be limited to.....". I fully expect that the inspection will be as broad and wide reaching as it needs to be.

Given these comments in the letter I think it is important to give this matter the proper due care and attention it deserves with full cooperation of the council and city staff. There is some debate amongst council as to the reason for this inspection. Which is understandable as the publicly stated reasons given for why the inspection motion was moved have ranged from alleged staff abuse to the unusual hiring practices related to former Councillor Gilles Prefontaine obtaining a position as chief community development officer.

Personally I am pleased to see that there will be an inspection as there have been many instances where good governance and sound management could be improved. I plan to cooperate fully and work with the provincial inspector to help him or her in their 571 municipal inspection.

Cam MacKay
St. Albert

Alan Towey's Portugal
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A study of the streets of Portugal shared by local resident Alan.

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