February 26, 2017

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Letter To The Editor

Historic Hebert Home Update


The owner of the property at 11 Mill Drive, on which sits the historic Hebert home, has applied to re-zone the land from Low-density residential (R1) to Direct Control (DC) for business use. City Administration has reported that,

"Redistricting 11 Mill Drive from Low Density Residential (R1) to Direct Control (DC) as proposed would allow Council to impose such standards and conditions as it considers appropriate for the site, but would not guarantee enduring preservation of the building."

Historical Designation and Land-Use amendments are two separate processes, and there is no assurance that the building would be protected under the current application. Here is a link to the City's meeting schedule. Two options have been put forth by the owner of 11 Mill Drive, (1) to re-zone the land for professional office use, or (2) demolish the house and replace with a residential infill development.

The public hearing begins at 5:00 p.m., although the City's website says it starts at 2:00 p.m. You can also view the Draft Agenda Report to hear what's City Administration's has to say on this matter (they DO NOT support the re-zoning application)

I also encourage people to review documents from the past hearing on January 23rd and town-hall meeting this past June, all which can be found

Chantal Fournier
St. Albert

The Sunday Whatzit?
whatzit feb 26:17
A close up look, at Whatzit?
Bixman / St. Albert


Is it a close up of the cross section of a loofa? Or possibly a natural
Geordie in Edmonton

SINC SAYS: Good guesses indeed, but no luck with either of
those two.

Good Morning Sinc, My guess is bone marrow. - Amber E. in
St. Albert

SINC SAYS: Another great guess, but nope, not bone marrow.

For today's Whatzit?, I was going to say a magnified shot of ear
wax but I'll change that to an extreme close-up view of some dandruff,
very close up. -
Pm-r in BC

SINC SAYS: Sorry, but neither of those is correct. Such fun and
a real challenge this morning.

I am thinking a cross section of an Aero Bar. - Bob in Blairmore

SINC SAYS: Another great guess, but sorry, not an Aero Bar.

Please tell me it is not a macro shot of toilet paper. I would much
rather it be a napkin macro shot. -
MG in NS

SINC SAYS: LOL! Nope, not those either!

Another guess. Bread? - Geordie in Edmonton

SINC SAYS: Sorry not bread, but you would find it in your kitchen. Winking

So how about an extreme close-up view of a coffee bean? - Pm-r in BC

SINC SAYS: Interesting guess.

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