Airline Brewing Beer That Tastes Best At 35,000 Feet

Airline Brewing Beer
CATHAY Pacific Airways knows that passengers’ senses of taste and smell are diminished at 35,000 feet — and they’re reportedly compensating for it with beer.
The Hong Kong-based airline has announced a new in-flight innovation: Betsy Beer, a beverage specifically brewed with the “ingredients, aroma and necessary carbonation to taste great both in the air and on the ground”, Fox News reports.

Named after the Cathay Pacific’s first aeroplane, a Douglas DC-3 nicknamed Betsy, Betsy Beer claims to be the world’s first beer specifically designed to be enjoyed at high altitudes.

“We know that when you fly, your sense of taste changes,” the airline wrote in a press release. “Airlines address this for food in certain ways. But nobody has ever tried to improve the taste of beer at altitude.”

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