As Japan Ages, Menus Adapt to Finding the Gourmet in Purées

As Japan Ages
YOKOHAMA, Japan — The 94-year-old man had come for lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and he was determined to make the most of his squid and leek stir-fry.

Eigo Shinoda, a former shipbuilding executive and fighter pilot in World War II, spends his days in a wheelchair and has trouble eating solid food. But that was no impediment as he dug into his meal with a plastic turquoise spoon recently.

That’s because the staff at the restaurant, Kaze no Oto, had puréed the stir-fry in a food processor and served it to his group, which was from a nearby nursing home. While it didn’t look that appetizing, it did the trick for Mr. Shinoda. He finished by licking his plate clean.

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